Miss Georgetown Fair Pageant 2022

The Georgetown Fair Queen and Contestant is a representative of not only herself, but a representative of the Georgetown Fair, the Board of Directors, the Georgetown Fair Pageant/Directors, All Past Queens and Vermilion County. This role will provide the opportunity to meet many new people and represent an organization that has promoted family values and fellowship for over 80 years. 

This can be a year of a lifetime, and will require representing the Georgetown Fair with poise and grace.  Representing the fair shall be described as wearing the sash and/or crown in any public setting. With or without the crown, the contestant is representing the Georgetown Fair as soon as she signs the Official Contestant Paperwork.

In order to be eligible, Contestants must certify to the Personal Characteristics in this section: 

Contestant Is of Good Moral Character….                                          DICTIONARY DEFINITION OF MORAL CHARACTER:  Moral character or character is an evaluation of a particular individual’s durable qualities.  The concept of character can imply a variety of attributes including the existence or lack of virtues such as integrity, courage, fortitude, honesty, loyalty or of good behaviors or habits.  Moral character primarily refers to the assemblage of qualities that distinguish one individual from another.                                 

1. Must be a minimum of 16 years of age and not have reached her 22nd birthday as of January 10, 2023. 

2.  Must be a US Citizen with Contestant, Parent or Legal Guardian a current resident of Illinois.                                                                                  

3.  Contestant must have a current Driver’s License and never been convicted of a felony.                                                                              

4.  Was born a female, has always been a female, and remains an identified female throughout her reign.                                                                                                     

5.  Must be single, never married or had a marriage annulled.                    

6.  Never been pregnant, cannot become pregnant during her reign.  Is not the adoptive parent of a child.                                                                 

7.  Does not use or consume any illegal controlled substance or abuse the use of alcohol or other dangerous substance.                                            

8.  Has never performed any act or engaged in any activity or employment that is or could be characterized as immoral or indecent.                            

9.  Attests that any and all online depictions associated with the contestant’s name or likeness including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TicToc, Snapchat or any social media are consistent with the standards and dignity of the Miss Georgetown Fair Pageant, Fair Board, and Director(s).The judges receive your application weeks before the pageant.  The first place they will go after reading your application is to your social media, they want to find out about the you beyond what they have read.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

10.Any contestant with a current title from another pageant must agree to relinquish the current title – only representing the Miss Georgetown Fair Pageant as a contestant in the Miss Georgetown Fair Pageant. The contestant must notify the Pageant Director(s), agree to relinquish her title.  The contestant must supply a signed letter from said pageant with her signature, the Pageant Directors signature with the statement agreeing to only represent the Georgetown Fair and has relinquished her crown not to be reinstated after the Georgetown Fair Pageant.                                                                                     

11.  Cell phones and any kind of watch with cell service have restricted usage during Contestant practices and events.  Phones/watches should be silenced during practices and put away.  There are “break times” during practices that phones can be checked.  When attending the AMBUCS Camps, Fair activities, and the Fair Family Dinner phones should be left in the car or in the pageant trailer until events have completed.  Parents should be given the phone numbers of the directors to contact in an emergency.  No phones/watches are allowed backstage during the pageant.  This is to prevent any selfies or pictures taken with someone dressing in the background.  With the hustle and bustle backstage there really is no time for pictures! 

12. Being the Georgetown Fair Queen is a year “job”.  Lots of events and appearances with preparation for both.  The “job” sometimes calls for  weekends Photoshoots, practices for the State Pageant, multiple events during one weekend, with early mornings and occasionally late nights. Now this does not mean every weekend every month.  It could be holidays like Labor day which has 3 long parades, the National Sweetheart Pageant with makeup and hair times for all.  If there are any reasons you feel this sometimes hectic schedule would not be something you could manage, talk with the Pageant Directors. With all this said, make sure you are prepared for a Fun filled year with lots of excitement and laughter!   

13. On winning the Miss Georgetown Fair Queen Pageant the Queen is automatically considered a contestant in the Miss Illinois County Fair Pageant.  If chosen Queen of the Miss Illinois County Fair Pageant,  the Queen is a paid employee of the State of Illinois, gets a car and gas for the summer months and is the Hostess for the Illinois State Fair and Duquoin State Fair.   Wins scholarship monies, has a set clothing sponsor for Evening Gowns for summer pageants, and travels the state of Illinois.  The State Fair Queen’s duties are few until summer pageants begin and will be and will only include a couple appearances for media events and of course, speaking to the Senate on FFA Day at the State Capital.


  1. January 12. . 2023- Wednesday travel, Thursday orientation and pictures, Friday interviews, Saturday afternoon and evening preliminaries, Sunday brunch then top 15 and final competition, Monday home ( returning home on Sunday night is an option but it will be very late). 
  2. All Expense paid trip by the Georgetown Fair Board:                                           Food                                                                                                                                      Hotel Room                                                                                                                             Entry Fee                                                                                                                           Opening Number Dress                                                                                                      Pageant T-shirt                                                        Official Group Pictures in Evening Gown and Swimsuit.                                                                                                                 The only expense for the Queen is her clothing (and she receives a clothing allowances as gifts).
  3. 70-74 contestants from Illinois County Fairs Competing.
  4. Queen’s Room will be shared with a Director/Co Director with another room next door for Directors/Co Director accordingly.  
  5. Parents are welcome to come on Friday night but there is no need to come earlier. Contestants are very busy Thursday and Friday with no spare time to visit.
  6. Forever Queens Clothing Fund – Donations may be more or less than $1200 for a clothing allowance helping with a State Wardrobe. This Allowance is only to be used for clothing for state and/or during the year.  Funds will be kept by the Georgetown Fair Secretary and will be distributed as needed with checks written to the Queen.


The Georgetown Fair Pageant is considered a “beauty” pageant but there are several areas of competition other than “Beauty”.  The pageant is judged on 5 categories.  They are as follows:

1.  4 minute Personal Interview                                                               

2.  1 minute Speech                                                                    

3.  Individual Onstage Question                                                  

4.  Evening Gown                                                                      

5.  Beauty & Physique (swimsuit)


The interview takes place in the morning on the day of the Pageant held at the First Church of Christ Annex in Georgetown.  Three (3) to five (5) highly qualified judges (depending on the number of contestants) will ask questions from the application completed previously by each contestant.  The submitted applications are sent to the judges weeks before the pageant begins.  Interview will be timed – four (4) minutes in length.  Other questions pertaining to anything excluding religion and politics (unless the contestants application shows cause for this kind of questioning) may be asked.  After all contestants have interviewed, each will individually recite their one (1) minute memorized speech.  The topic of the speech is of the contestants choice but must not contain singing, rhyming, poems, or no props may be used.  Contestant will be holding an imitation microphone and will be released after their speech. No one is allowed to accompany any contestant to the interviews for any reason.



The pageant begins with the opening number which is taught at practices previously – the dance is not judged.  Each contestant will again come on stage, individually, and be asked their onstage question. The question is derived from the best question answered in the contestants interview, will be rewritten by the judges, and asked by the MC.  After the question is answered, the contestant will take three steps forward, give her name and sponsors then exit the stage.


The Beauty & Physique portion of the competition is included as it is requirement at the Miss Illinois County Fair Pageant.  At the beginning of the Beauty & Physique competition, all contestants will take the stage as a group, be asked to walk the runway as a group, then return backstage to come out individually.  There will be no modeling in swimsuit just walking a specific pattern on the stage and exit.  The contestants will not come back onstage as a group after this portion of the competition.  Swimsuits will be one piece, one color with specific requirements that will be included in the handout given at a designated practice.


The contestant will not go onstage as a group at the beginning of the Evening Gown Competition.  Each will individually walk a designated pattern on the stage stopping to model in two places plus stopping at the end of the runway, then exits the stage.  The actual Evening Gown is not judged – It is the poise, grace, and how comfortable the contestant is on the stage that is judged.  Each will wear the gown of their choice although again there are requirements that need to be followed that will be included in a handout given at a designated practice.  At the end of this portion of competition, all contestants will come on to the stage as a group and walk the runway once (or more depending on the instructions of the judges) before exiting the stage.

No one is allowed backstage other than contestants and pageant crew.  

TOP 5 (5 points) AND QUESTIONS (10 points)

Top 5 are chosen and taken backstage with the remaining contestants taken to chairs in the audience to watch.  Top 5 are taken to the trailer and headphones playing music placed on each they will not hear the questions being asked onstage.  Each of the Top 5 are brought onstage, asked the 3 questions by the MC, and then recites the same speech given during the interview process.  In this portion of the competition, the points are added to their total score, it is not a percentage.


All Contestants are brought back to the stage.  Non Finalist Awards are presented. Non Finalist awards are given to the contestants that were not chosen in the Top 5 (awards are given by TOP remaining total points, minus the top 5, unless designated otherwise.)

NON FINALIST AWARDS:                                                                                 

Best of:  Interview, Speech, Evening Gown, Beauty & Physique                 Photogenic Award – Chosen from Headshots                                    

Directors Award – Chosen by Directors:  Someone who did not place but is      encouraged to return.                                                                

Miss Congeniality – Chosen by Contestants after interview.

CONTESTANT PRACTICES/SCHEDULE                                          

Pageant Practices are closed to anyone except Pageant Crew and Contestants unless otherwise written in the schedule.

Schedule and changes will be posted on these Social Media sites:                        

Facebook – Miss Georgetown Fair Queen Pageant                                  Instagram – missgeorgetownfairqueen                                                 

Copy of the Schedule is included in the Contestant Packet. 

Schedules have been posted pre-pageant in the hope that any potential contestant has made arrangements at each workplace so practices may be attended.  Each practices has a specific purpose with essential tips given for each phase of the competition.                                                    Contestant Packets are distributed at the Informational First Meeting with an agenda written so everyone knows what to bring, wear, times and clothing handouts.  The more you learn, the more prepared you are on pageant day and that is the goal of the Miss Georgetown Fair Pageant!            A log is kept with each contestant listing attendance and paperwork.  This log will be included in the Judges Packet sent to each judge. Please contact the Pageant Director(s) through text or phone call for any practice that will not be attended or late.                                                                                                                          ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Official Contestant Signature Sheet 2022

I hereby acknowledge that the personal data as shown on the entry form is correct, and that I have read and understand the Georgetown Fair Queen Contract.  I hereby agree to participate with good sportsmanship and respect for the Georgetown Fair, Pageant, Vermilion County and myself.  As a titleholder, I agree to represent the Georgetown Fair to the best of my ability.  

Furthermore, I hereby grant permission to the Georgetown Fair to use my photographs for publicity/promotional purposes in any and all media.  Failure of the Queen to adhere to these guidelines may result in relinquishing of the crown.  All fees are nonrefundable.  Anything lost stolen or damaged during the year is not the responsibility of the Pageant Directors or the Georgetown Fair Association.  The Queen and her parent(s) or guardian(s) hereby acknowledges that they have read the official contract and agrees to the following:

The queen and her parent(s) or guardian(s) has signed the bottom of this contract to acknowledge their understanding and compliance of these rules and regulations.  The Queen agrees to abide by the contract.  The Queen also agrees to abide by all the rules of the Miss Georgetown Fair Queen Pageant now in effect or hereafter to be announced.








To Be  Filled Out if Chosen Miss Georgetown Fair 2022:



QUIGNATURE _________________________________________________________

DATE OF BIRTH: _______________  SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER: _____________

ADDRESS:_____________________________    CITY:_________________________

ZIP___________  TELEPHONE#:__________________________________________

PARENT(S) TELEPHONE #:  _____________________________________________


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