Queen Danielle Brown and her 2013 Court

Queen Danielle has been quite a busy lady this past year in her pageant and personal life!  She blessed the Georgetown Fair as a Top 15  finalist in the Miss Illinois County Fair Pageant in January!  While attending the University of Illinois College of ACES, Queen Danielle appeared at numerous functions and events as the ambassador for the Georgetown Fair.  This past month, she graduated with honors from the University of Illinois College of ACES as well as going through quite an interview process before landing her dream job with Farm Bureau in their Manager Trainee Program!  So, two days after graduation she was on her way to another chapter in her life with the Farm Bureau in Bloomington!  After her training ends, the placement process begins somewhere in Illinois and for that we are extremely grateful – to have her within driving distance!!
Queen Danielle has made the Georgetown Fair very proud with her poise, personality, and her willingness to represent the Fair in her  always professional manner!
You will see Queen Danielle at a few more events in June, parades in July, and of course on the fair pageant circuit this summer!

















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